question-mark-guy.jpgAny ideas? I have been asked to speak at a (for now) unnamed conference on the topic next month and I’d really appreciate any advice and/or insights from you, the highly-knowledgeable reader base! Nothing long, mind you… even a quick sentence or two would be greatly appreciated.

The paragraph on the session is as follows:

Mobile: The Advertiser’s Prospective. Wireless operators, publishers, ad networks and handset manufacturers are quickly bringing mobile advertising opportunities to market, but what do these companies need to do to attract brands to their offerings? This session explores the foundations of mobile advertising from the advertiser prospective – everything from targeting, tracking and accountability, to differing ad units, mediums and pricing models – in order to hone in on what mobile needs to achieve if it is to satisfy the demands of today’s discerning advertisers.

Please leave any suggestions in the “comments” section at the bottom of the post. Your help on this is greatly appreciated!

6 Responses to “What do Advertisers Want from Mobile?”

  1. #1 jamie wells says:

    This is where you’d leave a comment! :)

  2. #2 Si Crowhurst says:

    In my experience advertisers want:

    1. Detailed reporting on mobile, tracking ROI
    2. To use mobile in context of the overall campaign
    3. Ad server solutions that fit existing tools for planning, buying and reporting
    4. A way to economically engage with consumers – how do you get them to purchase via mobile today (stats show volumes are low).

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  3. #3 Mike says:

    MMA, eh? I would definitely try and highlight that brands want the same thing they wish in any medium – cost effective approach towards reaching consumers. And then really draw a parallel of what works well for them in other digital paradigms – display, search, rich media and video, and where there is a delta, if any, in mobile.

  4. #4 NW Guy says:

    Here’s how Advertisers typicallly buy ad space; why won’t you sell it to me in a similar fashion? Here is what an advertiser expects to get….

    Why do Carriers make it so difficult to engage customers? I don’t have these type of problems with broadcast, cable, or ISP networks….

  5. #5 Dean Wright says:

    I echo post #2’s requirements and add these:

    1) Scale
    2) Turnkey (operation and creative)
    3) Aligned with their strategy (i.e. if advertiser doesn’t coupon in traditional or digital media, they won’t in mobile)
    4) For now, trial of a service until proven

  6. #6 jamie wells says:

    Thanks everyone for all your suggestions!

    Very helpful and great stuff all around


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