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see-you-in-september-copy.jpgIt’s that time of year again!

In celebration of all things Summery and Fun has shut its doors, boarded up the windows, and put a temporary mail stop on delivery at our Dirtsprings, TX headquarters (see photo, left).

This summer will be a busy one for yours truly – I’ll be getting married in a few weeks, then honeymooning for a few weeks more on a North Sea / Baltic States cruise (sorry, July is just too hot for the Mediterranean).

In the meantime I hate to leave you empty handed lo these many weeks, so we’ve created a custom “Android Invaders” flash game to keep our loyal readers occupied until September (it’s really more of a “Galaga”-type shooter, but “Invaders” has such a better ring to it).

SCROLL DOWN TO PLAY! Help lil’ Android blast away the legacy handsets until your heart’s content! Scoop up “Google” powerups for immunity, bombs and more!

I built the game at Fyrebug (pronounced “firebug”), a great “social UCG flash gaming site” where you can easily create your own games and embed them wherever you like. A small plug: The site has got over 50 different game engines, and is available for brands and/or for white labeling – drop me a line if you’re interested in using the Fyrebug engine for professional use.

That’s all for now folks! Have a terrific summer… and I’ll see you all in September!