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carnival_poster_sm1.jpgThe Carnival is in Town!

The Carnival of the Mobilists, the weekly roundup of the very best in mobile writings from across the blogosphere, is back on   As is typical with most summertime carnivals, the heat usually brings out the passion -and this carnival will not disappoint.  So enough with the intros… let’s hit it!

  • First up is Peggy Anne Salz of msearchgroove, who interviews Orange VP of Biz Dev Marc Overton to take a deep dive into the UK-based operator’s new Blyk-influenced mobile advertising initiative, “Orange Monkey.”  Is there something better than free?  Sounds promising, but we shall see…
  • Sachendra Yadav draws some interesting conclusions on future mobile behaviors based on current netbook usage patterns, while
  • MobHappy’s Russell Buckley picks up a similar thread over at Media Week. In “Mobile Rescues Traditional Publishers” he makes a good case for what Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the crumbling traditional publishing world can learn from Steve Jobs’ micropayment iCosystem.  Could it be that there’ll be room in the Post-PC era for the NY Post?  For page six’s sake, let’s all hope so.
  • Dennis Bournique speed tests server-assisted mobile browsers over at wapreview -and I’m not going to ruin the ending for you, but *spoiler alert* it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings (for those missing the reference, read the post and/or bone up on legendary, server-assisted mobile browsers).
  • Next up is Ajit Jaokar of Open Gardens, who takes us by the preverbal hand to show us what a mobile WebOS experience might look like. Interesting take… but pardon those of us who are a little terrified of a cloud-based mobile OS on the AT&T network.  As for me I’m still trying to get two bars and an EDGE signal in my apartment w/o leaning out the window… 
  • And for something completely different, there’s Dean Bubley of Disruptive Wireless, who makes a bold statement that IMS is at its EOL.  As a marketer by trade, I’m not even remotely familiar with the particular ins-and-outs of voice/data mobile infrastructure systems and standards… but somehow when overlaid on top of the Dead Parrot sketch it all seems to make sense.  You’re a odd bird, Dean!

There you have it!  Be sure to catch next week’s carnival over at the Golden Swamp… and as always, to get in on all the hot blog-on-blog action submit your mobile-related stories to: mobilists [at] gmail [dot] com.