cotm-200.jpgHappy 200th, COTM! is honored to host the 200th Carnival of the Mobilists, the weekly roundup of the very best in mobile writings from across the blogosphere.   I really can’t remember the bicentennial of the US (I was five years old at the time… something about tall ships and commerative quarters), so for me this is the real deal!  Strike up the band… it’s the Bicentennial Edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists!

We’ve got a trio of entries on Google’s acquisition of AdMob (announced last week).  Check out Antoine RJ Wright’s  The Relevance of Google Purchasing AdMob & Gizmo5, mjelly’s Why Google got a bargain with the admob acquisition (really, $750MM was a bargin?!?), or Peggy’s Google Buying AdMob: Why They Did It & The Real Impact on Mobile Advertising, Mobile Search.  Of the three, Peggy really nails it with a thorough analysis and first rate news gathering – which is why her post is my pick of the week.

On the mCommerce isle, check out Mobile Banking ROI tips from Bank of America from a newcomer to our ranks, David Eads of Mobile Manifesto – a mobile banking and commerce blog.  Very thoughtful post to say the least… lots of good info here.   Of note, “it took [B of A] 13 months for the first 1 million customers to adopt mobile banking. The second million took 9 months and the third million took 6 months. This represents an acceleration rate of roughly 30%.”  Tons more where that lil’ jem came from…

What’s next?  Well, prepare yourself for everything you ever wanted to know about of The Digital Divide in Numbers: TVs, PCs, Internet users, Mobile around the world.  Can mobile fill the breech?  Check it out and decide for yourself.  Or, if you haven’t yet had your fill of emerging economy-friendly subject material, browse over to The scarcity of learning sources is contrived, the best stuff is free.  Not exactly emerging economy, but hey – I’ve got a theme going, here.

Finally, you might want to read up on why “mobile marketing is stupid, but only for people who make it stupid!” in Don’t Put The Email Shoe on the Mobile Foot.  Love that quote, and that title.  I also love shoes, pithy puns and mixes metaphors… but those are all topics for another time.

Whelp… that’s all she wrote.  A shorty, but a… well, you know.  Be sure to catch next week’s carnival over at the Burning the Bacon with Barrett… and as always, to get in on all the hot blog-on-blog action submit your mobile-related stories to: mobilists [at] gmail [dot] com.

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