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The Nielsen Company released some new statistics about the mobile habits of US tweenagers. The study revealed that 35% of the demo own a mobile phone, 20% use text messaging, 21% use ring and/or answer tones, and 5% use the mobile internet.

Amazingly, what is oft looked at as a “youth channel” remains anything but. The “sweet spot” in US mobile marketing remains the 18-34 segment, with teenagers remaining viable for most mobile entertainment propositions, and the 35-44 year old segment still leaning towards utilitarian uses of SMS and the mobile web.

Remarkably, the tween mobile profile is nearly identical to the 55-64 segment, if only in terms of handset ownership and frequency of mobile data usage… although I am quite sure that the mobile data usage cases of these two segments are quite dissimilar in terms of content, context, and value proposition!